What Makes Us Different

There is no time to waste when it comes 

to addiction. The sooner

you get help, the better.

Before you come to one of our drug rehab centers, however, you will need to come to terms with your addiction as a chronic brain disease in order to enable yourself to overcome it. Your program will be relentlessly tailored to your needs

and situation, but always focused and structured. Read on to see how we accomplish this through our four stages of addiction treatment that are employed at all of our addiction recovery clinics.



The first thing you will do when you come to one of our addiction treatment facilities is enroll in our drug detox clinic for withdrawal. While your body goes through the process of eliminating all the harmful chemicals that keep you addicted, you will go through some unpleasant withdrawals. This is why we need to watch over your progress as closely as possible to ensure that it goes smoothly, is safe, and is as comfortable as possible. Efficiency is key. You can break free from this with the right help making sure the harmful chemical toxins leave your body once and for all. Once they have, you will be able to move on through long-term treatment and therapy.

Individual Therapy

Next, you will meet with a personal counselor who will help you overcome your struggles and work towards healing and recovery. Here you will create your personalized addiction plan that will be based on your needs and situation. This will also include dual diagnosis mental health screening and any necessary treatment. During these crucial sessions, you will vent your struggle and receive adequate advice that will be based upon what you tell them.

Group Therapy

You will also work through your problems with a group in meetings. While you exchange valuable insight, listen to each other’s stories, and provide genuine support for one another, you will gain motivation, inspiration, and the ability to continue forward. These bonds you cultivate may even last long into aftercare and beyond.


Lastly, you will go to leave with your customized and comprehensive addiction plan in its full form, and with the lasting support and guidance of everyone you’ve met. From the moment you walk into the door of one of our drug rehab clinics, you will not be alone in your recovery. Call us today to see what this feels and like begin the process of starting a new life. It begins at one of our addiction treatment facilities.

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