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At our drug rehab center in Elk Grove, California, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of addiction recovery techniques. For this reason, we maintain a reserve of potential addiction recovery techniques that spans the spectrum from traditional, well-worn therapeutic strategies to cutting edge, state of the art holistic recovery techniques. This is because we are dedicated to getting our clients the addiction recovery care that they need, no matter what lengths we must go to in order to reach that goal. Premier Behavioral Health recognizes that some strategies work better for certain clients than for others, and because we want to provide the most clients with effective recovery care, that means we must have a full spectrum of treatments available.


We start by having our clients undergo a comprehensive interview upon intake. During this interview, each client will answer plenty of questions about themselves and their histories, both personal and related to substance abuse. This wide tapestry of detail will then be used to inform a customized recovery plan, which will incorporate those strategies that we believe will prove most effective. As one of our qualified and experienced staff members works to form a plan that will work best for you, you’ll be able to offer your input and guide the plan to include those strategies which you believe will be most effective. You’ll also have a say in the recovery goals your plan will be working towards. In addition, if at any point during your time here you feel as though your recovery plan requires alteration, we will happy to work with you in order to shift your plan to better suit your goals.


Once we’ve settled on a recovery plan, you’ll begin taking part in the therapeutic strategies offered by our drug rehab clinic. Some of our more traditional therapy types may already be familiar to you. Perhaps the most common is individual therapy. During individual therapy, you’ll work with one of our qualified professionals on a one-on-one basis to search deep within yourself and discover answers about your substance abuse. You’ll also take part in group therapy. During these sessions, you’ll meet with your peers in the addiction recovery center to share stories and learn from one another. This might seem daunting at first, but many at our substance abuse treatment facility find that group therapy affords them the opportunity to lay the foundation for a sober support network that will last long after you’ve graduated from our addiction recovery plan.


Finally, Premier Behavioral Health recognizes that recovery isn’t entirely complete when you leave our drug rehab clinic. We know that when you go back into the outside world, there are plenty of temptations that you will have to contend with. At our rehab, we want to mitigate those temptations by providing you with a comprehensive aftercare plan. The details of your plan will be different from your peers, because just like other plans at our addiction recovery facility, aftercare is customized to fit your particular needs.